ISHMap: International Society for the History of the Map

Matthew Edney

The International Society for the History of the Map was established in late 2011 to promote the subject across the humanities and social sciences.

Unfortunately, there was a constitutional crisis in 2017, the fall-out from which is confusing the international community about the current state and future direction of the society.

The nub of the matter is that Prof. Török claims that he remains the chair of the Society, even though he ceased to be a member as of 30 June 2017 and was not elected for 2017–18. He is advertising his claim, and insisting that he alone represents the "true" society, through the old, malfunctioning website and listserv that he controls.

To summarize:

• Prof. Török is no longer Chair of the Society

• his failures to undertake his responsibilities as Chair were the cause of the Society's 2017 constitutional crisis

• he is not in control of the Society's bank account

• he is not in communication with Taylor & Francis concerning reduced-rate subscriptions to Imago Mundi

Update, 14 December 2017: Prof. Török is now soliciting membership fees, although with no purpose and no plan to provide a public accounting of the money he receives.

Update, 3 January 2018: Prof. Török is now claiming to be running the program for the 2018 ISHMap Symposium. He is manifestly uninvolved in the symposium; see the document added below.

The following pages have been added to this site as a temporary measure, The information will be transferred to a new website when that is established after a review of necessary functionalities, etc.

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Explanation of the 2017 Constitutional Crisis

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