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The International Society for the History of the Map

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We have established a simple process to manage membership and subscription fees while we consider more permanent methods. This process is in two steps: a) provide your details; b) pay your fees.

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We use Google Forms to collect the necessary information, which requires use of a Google account. If you do not have a Google account, you may create one easily. This is a tried and tested system and is risk free. (Using Google accounts ensures that you enter your information once, that you can edit only your own information in case of error, and that we prevent the confusion of duplicated information; privacy is maintained.)

1) use the following URL to go to Google Forms:

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Explanation of the 2017 Constitutional Crisis

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2018 ISHMap Symposium

ISHMap Council for 2018–19:

Matthew H. Edney, Hon. Chair

Leif Isaksen, Hon. Treasurer

Jordana Dym, Hon. Secretary

Junía Furtado, Trustee

James R. Akerman, Trustee

Carla Lois, Trustee

Mark Monmonier, Trustee

Ben Sacks, Trustee