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C = Cohen Education Center, Osher Map Library, Glickman Library

A = Arcade, Osher Map Library, Glickman Library

U = University Events Room, 7th Floor, Glickman Library

Thursday, 21 June 2018

14:30–14:45 – 1C – Symposium Opening [A – coffee]

15:00–16:30 – 2C – Nineteenth-Century Region Construction

Johanna Skurnik, University of Turku [Finland] – “Making Colonial Cartographies in the British Empire, c. 1830–1870”

Kory Olson, Stockton University [USA] – “Creating France’s Next Cartographers: J. Parlier’s La France en 7 cartes

Jordana Dym, Skidmore College [USA] – “Hiram Bingham in the Footsteps of Simón Bolívar, from Caracas to Bogota, 1906–1907”

16:30–18:30 – U – Reception (cash bar)

Friday, 22 June 2018

08:30–10:00 – 3C – Mapping Modern Infrastructure

Madalina Veres, American Philosophical Society [USA] – “The American Philosophical Society’s Contributions to Infrastructure Projects on the Delaware River”

George Carhart, City of Portland [USA] – “Boundaries Above and Below Ground: 232 Years of Municipal Maps and Plans from the City of Portland, Maine”

John Swab, University of Oklahoma [USA] – “Mapping Risk in Oklahoma and Indian Territories: The Rivalry between the Clarkson Rating Bureau and the Sanborn Map Company, 1890–1915”

08:30–10:00 – 3U – Modern Imperial Territorial Mapping

Anthony Mullan, Library of Congress (emeritus) [USA] – “The Residency Maps of Java”

Lindsay Braun, University of Oregon [USA] – “Cultures of Colonial Compilation: C. N. Thomas and State Mapping in Cape Town, 1860–1902”

Richard Talbert, University of North Carolina [USA] – “German Maps of Asia Minor and their Ottoman Adaptation in the Early 20th Century”

10:00–11:00 – A – coffee break and special event in OML Reading Room

11:00–13:00 – 4C – Literature and Landscape, Art and Iconography

Karen Pinto, Boise State University [USA] – “Fit for an Umayyad Prince: The Earliest Extant Map of the Eastern World or Earliest Painting of the Moon?”

Tom Conley, Harvard University [USA] – “Bend of the River: On Nicolas Sanson, Carte des rivières de France curieusement recherchée (1641) and Its Guide, Louis Collon, Description des rivières de France (1645)”

Jeremy Brown, Royal Holloway, University of London [UK] – “Putting Myth on the Map: Imaginary Landscapes in Early Modern Calabria”

Leah Thomas, Virginia State University [USA] – “Human Commodification: Mapping African Presence in Early America”

11:00–13:00 – 4U – Mapping the Modern State: Boundaries and Territories

Jörn Seemann, Ball State University [USA] – “Alexander von Humboldt, the Virtual Grenzgänger: Mapping the Borderlands between Spanish and Portuguese Colonies in South America in the Early Nineteenth Century.”

Francesc Nadal, Universitat de Barcelona, and Carme Montaner, Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya [Spain] – “French Army Surveying of Catalonia (1823–1827): Technical Modernity against the Liberal Revolution”

Renato Peixoto, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte [Brazil] – “Nothing Lies Outside the Map: Varnhagen, Jaime Cortesão and the Brazilian Representations of the Tordesillas Meridian”

13:00–14:00 – A – lunch

14:00–17:30 – 5C – AGM and Discussion of Future of ISHM [A – coffee]

Saturday, 23 June 2018

09:00–10:30 – 6C – Land and Land Ownership in the Nineteenth-Century U.S.

Jym St. Pierre, Restore the Maine Woods [USA] – “Mapping the Maine Woods”

Jefferson Moak, Independent Scholar [USA] – “The Five-Dollar Map: Philadelphia Cadastral Map Publishing of the 1850s”

Scott White, Fort Lewis College [USA] – “Mapping the Changes to Yellowstone National Park’s Boundary”

09:00–10:30 – 6U – Colonial Mapping in Ibero-America

Sabrina Guerra Moscoso, Universidad San Francisco de Quito [Peru] – “Caribana and Nova Albión: Speculative Cartography at the Brink of the Spanish Empire”

Junía Ferreira Furtado, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais [Brazil] – “Surveying Tejuco village in the Diamond District, Brazil, 1774”

Denise A. S. de Moura, São Paolo State University [Brazil] – “Mapping the Unforeseen: The Chorographical Chart of 1772 of the Sertões de Guarapuava, in South Brazil”

10:30–11:00 – A – coffee break

11:00–12:30 – 7C – Sharing and Mixing Information across Modes and Cultures

Evelyn Edson, Piedmont Virginia Community College (emerita) [USA] – “Island Books and Sea Charts: Mapping the Mediterranean in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries”

Robert Lee, Harvard University [USA] – “Ignorance Indexed: A Cartometric Analysis of William Clark’s Master Map”

Kathleen Weessies, Michigan State University [USA] – “John Farmer, Michigan’s Extraordinary Mapmaker”

11:00–12:30 – 7UCosmography and the World

Maria Dawson, University of Toronto [Canada] – “The Waldseemüller Map: Rethinking Map Making and Reading”

Ian Fowler, New York Public Library [USA] – “Kosmographiya: A Cultural-Historical Reexamination of an Eighteenth-Century Russian mappamundi

Stefaan Missinne, IMCoS. – “Leonardo da Vinci´s drawing of the New World and America´s oldest Cartographic Birth Certificate.”

12:30–13:30 – A – lunch

13:30–15:00 – 8C – Mapping Conflict

Victoria Morse, Carleton College [USA] – “Maps and the Regional State in Fourteenth-Century Northern Italy”

Vaquiria Silva, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais [Brazil] – “The case of controversy between Archbishopric of Bahia and the Bishopric of Rio de Janeiro and the Jesuits”

Megan Barford, National Maritime Museum [UK] – “Cartography and Forced Migration: A Contemporary Collecting Project at the UK National Maritime Museum”

15:00–15:30 – A – coffee

15:30–17:00 – 9C – Conditioning Map Knowledge and Technology in the Nineteenth Century

Isabella Alexander, University of Technology Sydney [Australia] – “The Legal Regulation of Maps and Geographic Knowledge in Australia, 1788–1916”

Mark Monmonier, Syracuse University [USA] – “Map-Related Patents as a State-Managed Survey of Cartographic Innovation”

David Weimer and Lena Denis, Harvard Map Collection [USA] – “Monographs, Molasses, and Maps: Circulating Commodities and the Creation of the Harvard Map Collection”

17:00–17:15 – 9C – Closing