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The International Society for the History of the Map


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The International Society for the History of the Map—or ISHMap—was founded in late 2011 with the goal of promoting the study of map history.

The Society has an arrangement with Imago Mundi, Ltd. to provide reduced-rate subscriptions to the journal Imago Mundi, in print or online.

Unfortunately, a series of problems in 2016 and 2017 caused a constitutional crisis, in the wake of which we have had to return to square one with respect to a website. A fully functional website will be created as we establish the functionalities that are desired by the international community of map historians. For now, this suite of pages is provided on the personal website of one of the Society's Officers as a strictly temporary measure.

Other pages explain how to become a member of ISHMap, which includes a reduced-rate subscription to the main journal in the field, Imago Mundi, and an explanation of the problems in 2016–17 and their continuing fall-out.

About ISHMap (this page)

The Current Situation

Explanation of the 2017 Constitutional Crisis

Become a member of ISHMap and subscribe to Imago Mundi

2018 ISHMap Symposium

ISHMap Council for 2017–18:

Matthew H. Edney, Hon. Chair
Leif Isaksen, Hon. Treasurer
James R. Akerman, Hon. Secretary
Junía Furtado, Trustee