A paper about me!

Matthew Edney

The journal Terra Brasilis, an online journal dedicated to the history of geography and to historical geography, is dedicating several issues to "dossiers of geographical trajectories" that trace the careers of significant and influential geographers. I am deeply honored that the journal's editors accepted the proposal by my friend and colleague, Carla Lois, that one of the dossiers should be about me.

Carla's essay on me appeared in the first of the dossiers, in issue 9 (new series), published at the end of December 2017. I am very proud to be in the same company as Yves Lacoste, Trevor Barnes, and Richard Hartshorne(!).

The essay is:

Lois, Carla. “Matthew Edney: El reencuentro entre la historia de la cartografía y la geografía/Matthew Edney: The Reencounter between the History of Cartography and Geography.” Terra Brasilis: Revista da Rede Brasileira de História da Geografía e Geografía Histórica ns 9 (2017): journals.openedition.org/terrabrasilis/2247.

Wow! Thanks, Carla!!!